IXI Turn For Service is signal lighting for the catering industry

The IXI is a signaling system for your staff. When your guest turns the IXI around your staff know service is needed. It works simply, effectively, without a cord or other expensive connections.

Why you should try the IXI

Do you want to burn your hard-earned money? Your customers don’t come for your beautiful oil lamps, for the atmospheric candle or design lamp. They want attention and a pleasant evening. And you want to make money. Both needs will be met with the IXI: A table lamp, signal function and booster!


Higher customer satisfaction: your guests are helped faster


Communication with your guests via your own logo, website or QR code on the IXIom of the IXI


check75The IXI is a management tool: the staff can work more efficiently, so that turnover can be reduced and costs can be reduced


Lower costs: the current lamp or candle can be removed

How does the IXI work?

If your guest turns the IXI around, the lamp turns red (3 setting possibilities, suddenly completely red, only the top edge is colored red, or filling slowly from bottom to top). This indicates your guest needs service. When the IXI is rolled back, it will turn white again. The IXI works on rechargeable batteries and can be charged on the loading platform. Up to 30 lamps can be charged simultaneously. Via the charging platform you can also set the functions of the lamp, such as light intensity and method of filling the lamp.