Best possible guest experience with IXI lamps

If you want to add a more stylish and pleasant atmosphere in your cafe, bar or restaurant then the stylish IXI table lamp is the one for you. Your guests will feel at home in the warm glow of this lamp while they receive the best possible customer service. They will feel completely pampered!

Always easy ordering

With one turn by your guests the lamp turns soft red letting your staff know table service is required.

Guests can enjoy their meal without getting disturbed

No need for raised hands in your cafe, bar or restaurant! Your guests can enjoy their dining experience undisturbed and without distraction with one turn of the IXI. Bad customer service is the number one annoyance in the hospitality industry!

More attention for your guests

Your staff can focus on paying attention to your guests as they’ll no longer have to pay attention to the entire room!

Atmospheric lighting

IXI lamps are just as atmospheric as candlelight or oil lamps. An added bonus is you and your guests won’t suffer from fire, soot and wax stains, just another reason why IXI lamps make an excellent alternative for your mood lighting!